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Our services
In our showroom:
  • qualitative serving,
  • fast, precise order reception
  • continuous phone-contact with clients
  • keeping tabs on orders.
Professional counsel: problems can appear when putting in the windows and doors, but these problems can be avoided with adequate orientation. When the plan is ready it is advisable to consult a specialist.
  • giving professional advice before and after buying
  • fast pricing
  • sending brochure with quotations
At clients' request:
  • transportation to the place of building
  • building in ordered structure,
  • repairs in the warranty period and after it.
On demand:
  • manufacturing doors and windows with unique style, shape and size
  • window-screens
  • venetian blinds
Possibilities beside suit-type:
  • different sizes (other than the suit)
  • reveals for different depths
  • MDF frame,
  • Pine made doors with hardwood thresholds
  • Doors with two symmetrical or unsymmetrical leaves
  • Manufacturing unique structures
  • Transoms
Several windows:
  • geometrical windows
  • arched windows
  • semicirccle
  • circle
Several opening modes:
  • hatch: out of wall, in housing
  • tilt&slide, lift&slide, etc.
Our services for cork covering:
Besides selling, adequate orientation plays an important role in our work, because we want you to have the most optimal cork covering in your house. Needs and premises are different, so it is very important for us to get accurate information, thus we can gratify unique claims. Beside buying and putting down the covering, you have to pay attention to its attendance too. We offer you useful cleaning advices, so your floor will look like new for long ages.
After the adequate cork covering was selected, it has to be transported to its destination. This would be very dangerous and circumstantial with a normal car. We deliver the product to a given address, on a fixed date and time.
Before putting down the covering, there are a lot of things that has to be taken into consideration, for example: moisture and raggedness of underlay. So it is advisable that the bought qualitative cork covering to be put down by a specialist. In this way you can save a lot of time, energy and anger. If you don't know a specialist, we can recommend a reliable, sophisticated contractor.




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