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Wood material: three layered pine, or it can be made from other wood type on the customer's demand.


History:: wood frame windows have been made for several hundred years.


Tenure: In the past the main concern was which material to choose for the window frame. While next to the price, the look, the color together with service and technical support were the most important questions, two other factors were not so important. One of them was how long it will last. Everybody wants to know how much the service will cost during the lifetime of the product. This way it's not so hard to race with the cheap competition. We are glad to hear that the dealers are focusing on the endurance of the materials. The other factor is the protection of the environment, which includes not only the final product but the production too. Statistics show that wood is the most environmental friendly material even though other materials are getting much better in terms of environment protection.


Ecological point of view: Wood is one of the oldest building materials on earth, which is lumbered (exploited) from forests. These days exploited woods are completely used up, nothing is thrown away, not even the crust or the sawdust. These days wood frame windows are reusable. The ecological balance would not be possible without recycling. Older wood frame window disassemblies and reusing its components like glass, metal and of course wood, is already solved. Wood can be reused as raw material for some woodplates, or can be burned without any CO2 emission in modern thermal power stations. A true positive ecological balance can only be achieved with this raw material.


Stiffness/Stability: Wood frame windows are stable and stiff in any form and any size. Window frames can warm up up to 80 degrees under sunlight, which are not a problem for those made out of wood, because the wood has the lowest expansion coefficient of all materials. Unfortunately the insufficient isolation caused by the expansion can't be neglected, because the sound, humidity and heat will pass through.


Heat isolation: Wood ensures the best heat isolation (marked with index K, the wood has values between 1,4 and 1,6 W/m2 K). The heat isolation of the material protects the frame in order not to become cool which would cause the appearance of vapor. The wood framed windows match the strict rules of heat isolation way beyond the required value. Using wood framed windows customers can save a lot energy, money, and it is safe for the environment, so it is good for everybody, and reduces the CO2 emissions.


Attendance/up keeping: Wood frame windows which are more than a hundred years are not rare, so if they are kept in good condition it will last long. And the good news is that keeping them in good condition is not hard, is not expensive. Depending on the weather wood needs to be painted from time to time, nowadays can be done by anyone using water based enamel. After a good paint the frames look like new. Frames made out from wood are also easy to repair. The frames are neutral to electromagnetic electricity, so they do not allure dust.


Persistency: The raw material, the framework and the quality ensures the long life of the wood frames. There is no other raw material which can prove to be so long lasting like the wood. Proof for that is those wood frames older than a hundred years which are still in use, and we have to remember that those frames weren't made with today's technology. Other materials still have a lot to prove.


Protection against fire: : The wood, as organic material behaves odd in case of fire, it's stiffness lasts quite long. When its surface becomes carbonized, then this surface will act like an isolation which slows down the fire. Together with a glass that is treated against fire the frames will stand up to 90 minutes against fire.


Sound isolation: Pine profiles with special glasses, can protect against more than 52 dB sound intensity.


Percentage of moisture: 8 - 12 %


MDF plates: MDF is a ecological friendly raw material which can be used to make interior doors and front doors. MDF is made out of wood junk and sawdust.


Craftmaster plates: CRAFT MASTER doors are made with 3,2 mm thick extruded MDF plate wrapping. The surface of the plate can be smooth or wood nerved. Surfaces are treated only with paint.


The produced and used profile sizes:

- 82*68 mm cross section windows
- 120*68 mm cross section front doors
- 120*42 mm cross section interior doors

Size coordination : The profiles and sizes of the products are exposed in the price list. Other sizes or profiles can be produced only if are discussed in advance.

The profile sizes are in cm, which differ from the production sizes. The differences are necessary because of the fittings, construction miscalculations and the heat isolated foam. In case of windows and front doors the production sizes are smaller with 2 cm (1-1 cm around) than the profile size.

In case of the interior doors the production sizes are smaller with 2 cm in width and 2 cm in height that the profile size. So in case of a 90x210 profile size interior door has a 88x208 production size. In case of the wrapped case doors we need the wall thickness and the location of the case (in the middle and at the sides).





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