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Warranty terms: doors and windows
Kobezol ltd as a manufacturer gives warranty for his products only if the product is mounted by its employees or as it is described in the product book, and if the product is used as designated.

  • The warranty for our products is 24 months for the internal natural surfaces and treated surfaces and 5 years for external treated surfaces. 
  • The warranty starts from the day when it's mounted or from the date when the bill was written. 
  • The manufacturer commits oneself to resolve the problem related to warranty as soon as possible. 
  • During warranty period lateness is not counted if the customer refuses to show the product which has to be replaced, or if the customer is not home. 
  • If the product does not need to be taken to a workshop then it's going to be repaired at the customer's place.
Warranty is void if: 
  • The product suffered any modification other than repainting 
  • The product's frame was stripped 
  • The frame suffered any injuries (wind blow)
The manufacturer voids warranty also if: 
  • The product is injured by unsafe transporting or depositing 
  • The product suffered deformations, discolorations caused by high humidity level 
  • During building operations the product was injured (touches with construction foam or is cleaned with a very strong cleaning materials or chemicals) 
  • If the product is used improperly by the customer and any injures resulted from improper use. 
  • The product was not mounted by the manufacturer 
  • The product is injured or destroyed by natural forces like flood, fire, wind blow, etc.
  • The product is injured or destroyed by animals




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