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Heat isolating glasses

Heat isolating glasses:

Layer structure: 4-16-4 mm

The most common layer structure:

  • 4 mm thick float glass
  • 12 an 16 mm spacer
  • 4 mm thick float glass

1. Normal Thermo glasses without argon gas: The normal Thermo glass is mad out of two glasses are mounted on an alloy frame spacer containing dehumidifier. They are mounted with a primal isolating butyl material, after that the frame is coated with a 2 component plug.

Heat isolation ability:

  • k=2,7÷2,8 W/m2K, layer structure 4-16-4
2. Normal Thermo glasses with argon gas

Heat isolation ability:

  • k = 2,6÷2,7 W/m2K, layer structure 4-16-4

3. LOW-E and argon gas: of the glasses are treated with a special heat isolation material. This way the expansion coefficient (k) is much lower.

Heat isolation ability:
  • k = 1,4÷1,6 W/m2K layer structure 4-16-4
  • k = 1,1÷1,3 W/m2K, layer structure: 4-16(filled with argon gas)-4
On the customer's demand we make extra sound isolation, reflection coefficient, colored and a variety of security glasses. On the surface of the glass we can put divisors like real wood divisors, fake divisors sticked on the glass, in various colors and sizes.




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